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Handle the multiple currencies of your buyers, sellers, also yours, for detection, conversion, display, format, dashboards, withdraws, payments, orders, email notifications, including extensions for shipping, taxes calculation, checkout, worldwide payment methods, products addons, simple – variable products, and more.

This is a plugin of the German company, which makes you handle multiple currencies within your Dokan premium marketplace, in several forms.

It is the first part of a big products bulk which overall makes it very easy, affordable, to sell, deliver products worldwide and do tax returns (including solutions for taxes, landed costs, shipping, payment, third party integrations like Avalara, FedEx, Xero, and more). We keep on adding further features and functions to this plugin, which you can all use at the same costs.

¿How many domains do i need?

We recommend you to choose the variant valid for unlimited domains. Any serious online business needs at least a testing website (not visible for the customers) and the live website (visible for the customers). The testing website being a copy of the live website. Therefore the license for at least 2 domains. Our most successful customers have 3 domains for one and the same business, meaning 3 variants of the same website. Other customers use the same plugin within several live websites.

Here a glimpse on the features it contains:

Manually set the rates between currencies (earn money additionally). Set up manual rates between all currencies you want and the websites currency. These rates also apply using the multiple plugins widgets available for buyers within the website.

You can even increase these rates with a threshold to better prepare for fluctuations for example, or to define your commission on sales with this specific currency. You can provide the real currencies symbols instead of currencies code, like for example €, ₪, ¥, £. You can decide how you want to position the currency and his symbol for display.

Automatic rates between currencies (best rates api). We got an internal module and routines providing you the best live rates at a time between two currencies.We also keep on pushing on this front accordingly, and calculate better rates than payment solutions like PayPal .

Each vendor can decide which currency he uses for his own shop. Each vendor can specify his shop currency. This is a profound change and improvement with regards to the handling of multiple currencies within a marketplace. Most of the time, the vendors and the marketplace owner don‘t live in the same country nor have the same currency. Thus each vendor can handle his own shop using his own currency, and same for the marketplace owner, which defines the currency of his marketplace. The vendor can also, after setting its own default(shop) currency, specify whether its product price will be set in his default currency or in the websites(base) currency.

The vendor’s own currency is also the one visible within its dashboard. It means the vendor’s sales are summarized using his currency and of course the specific amounts. This depends on the settings chosen by the vendor. If the vendor choosed to set his product prices in the website(base) currency, his dashboard will be using this currency as well.

The vendor’s own currency is also the one visible within his orders overview. Take the same vendor as an example, which has USD as its own currency.

Admins dashboard is coherent to all vendors dashboards totgeher and brings an overall report in the admins(websites) currency

The admins withdrawal page is adapted accordingly.Then vendors withdrawal page is also adapted accordingly.

Format the currencies and symbol display. As you can see within the picture below, the AED symbol has been added to the specific currency description.

Automatic clients currency calculation and display. This is mostly based on our geo api module, providing detailed information about the customer’s position. Finer than at country or city level, with for example(on demand) the possibility to let the user change the geolocation.

Mobile and app friendly. You can use these features on your iOS / Android apps. You can decide whether you want to use the widget within the mobile version of your website or not. You can configure some specific behavior(like color) on your mobile widgets.

More features are available, like the compatibility(optional) with many payment gateways, as for example AliPay(wechat, payoneer, uepapay, azul, cardcom, stripe, square, bitcoin, paypal, whatsapp order & checkout, …)And keep on improving.

This plugin has also opened extensions for email notification, pdf creation, powerful taxes calculation(online or offline), powerful shipping calculation(online or offline),connection to an accounting plugin like Xero, and more.

Contact us by any question or customization request. Skype: gajelabs. WhatsApp: 00 49 176 636 397 50.

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2 reviews for SCM – Smart Currency Manager Premium Variant For Dokan

  1. Lucas

    The plugin does exactly what it was created for by its developers.
    The contact with the creators is phenomenally good! I highly recommend working with this company. Thank you for being here!

  2. Ashley Young

    Firstly – support is amazing and fast! Probably the best plugin support I’ve experienced and I’m a seasoned WordPress developer.

    I’ve been looking for a plugin that will handle multiple currencies for my upcoming marketplace. All those that do support this feature are standard WooCommerce ones and do not take into account dokan vendors and their own currency. This plugin does and does it well. If you’re considering purchasing – do it, you definitely won’t be disappointed and should come across any issues implementing it into your marketplace the support team will guide you.

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