SCD Features Description

This page describes in more details the awesome list of features available in our Smart Currency Detector (SCD) plugin. From automatic location detection, support for international payments, and ability for vendors to use their local currency, SCD aims to provide end to end currency conversion for the vendors and the customers to simplify the shopping experience. Read on, and find out all the amazing stuff that SCD can do for your store or your marketplace!

Standard Features for single-vendor stores and multi-vendor marketplaces

End to end currency conversion

SCD can provide end to end currency conversion for your customers:

  • Display currency is selected based the customer location
  • Prices displayed on the website are automatically converted to the customer currency
  • Customer see prices of the website in his local currency and can shop products in his local currency
  • Cart page and checkout page show price total in the customer currency 
  • Customer can perform payment in his local currency

 Note: Payment in customer currency is limited to use of supported gateways: Paypal, PayUmoney, Stripe, and more to come … See our supported payment gateways page

Use geo-localization to select customer currency

SCD uses geo-localization to detect customer location  and uses it to select the display currency.  This capability can be disabled by the store administrator to force the display currency to a specific currency.

Automatically select customer currency from a set of currencies defined by the store admin

The site administrator can use the admin settings to set custom rules for selecting customer currency. The SCD admin settings allow the administrator to restrict the set of available currencies such that the customer currency is always selected within the restricted set.

To illustrate, let’s take an example. The store administrator sets the list of available currencies to euros (EUR) and US dollars (USD) only and set the default fallback currency to EUR. If a customer is located in the Euro zone, the currency automatically selected for this customer will be Euro. If a customer is located in the US, the currency automatically selected for this customer will be USD. If a customer is located in Asia, the currency for automatically selected for this customer will be the default fallback currency, which is EUR.

For instance, by setting default currency

Automatically convert all prices to the local currency of the customer

Once the customer currency has been selected based on geo-localization or custom rules set  by the store administrator, SCD automatically converts all the prices displayed on the website to the customer currency. This include product prices, shipping prices, taxes, coupons,..

Worldwide currency support

SCD supports an extensive set of currencies worldwide , up to 186 international currencies to be precise. Everything to make your store international.

Fetch up-to-date conversion rates daily 

SCD uses a currency API service to fetch up-to-date currency conversion rates every day. This update frequency can be modified by the store administrator.

Manually set currency conversion rates

The store administrator can choose to manually define the conversion rate to apply between two currencies. When a conversion rate is specified by the store administrator, SCD uses that conversion rate for all price conversions between the two currencies. This is helpful to avoid fluctuating rates.

Define an additional percentage on top of the conversion rate

The store administrator can define an additional percentage to apply on top of the conversion rate, e.g. 3%.  Use this feature to offset additional fees charged by payment gateways or international shipping services for instance, or to simply increase your margin for international transactions.

Set a custom price by currency for an individual product

Let’s say you have a product that sells very well in Great Britain and to capitalize on that popularity, you want to set a specific price for that product in GBP while maintaining a lower price for other markets. SCD allows the store administrator (or vendor of the marketplace) to do just that. You can set a specific price for a product in GBP for instance and a different price for the same product in US dollars. Customers in Great Britain will see the price defined in GBP, while customer in the US will see the price defined in USD.

Place a currency selection widget anywhere on your site

The Smart Currency Detector plugin comes with a currency selection widget that can be placed anywhere on your website. A currency selection widget gives your customer the choice of selecting the currency in with they want to shop.

Support multiple languages

SCD includes multi-language support. French and English are currently fully supported (our team is fluent in both 🙂 ), with more languages to come.

Use caching of conversion rates to improve performance and reduce latency

Conversion rates fetched from the API service are cached locally to reduce any latency on your website. This is particularly useful in locations with slow or unstable connectivity. Our customers come from all around the world and we have used their insights to come up with a caching strategy to ensure our plugin performs well even in environment with slow connectivity.

Compatible with most WP themes

SCD uses standard woocommerce API calls. This makes it compatible with most WordPress themes that are compatible with woocommerce. Check our theme support page for an example list of themes that we have tested our plugin with.

Special Features for multi-vendor marketplaces

Extend dashboard to allow each vendor to define his default currency

With SCD on your marketplace, each vendor can specify the default currency in which he wants to enter his products prices. This is a great feature that allows your vendor from all over the world to enter their product prices in their local currency. To enable that, SCD extends the vendor dahsboard and provides a menu for the vendor to specify his default currency.

Each vendor can enter his product prices in his own default currency

With SCD, each vendor of the marketplace can enter his product prices in the default currency that he has selected. Vendors do not have to maintain their product catalogue in multiple currencies anymore.  A vendor can select his local currency as his default currency, and use it to enter his product prices. SCD will take care of converting the prices displayed on the website from the vendor currency to the customer currency.

Marketplace Admin controls currency conversion rates

As described in the standard features, SCD allows administrator to manually set currency conversion rates. In a marketplace this capability is available to the marketplace administrator only. The marketplace administrator can then control the conversion rates between the vendor currencies and the base currency of the marketplace. Or you can leave it to SCD and SCD will fetch the conversion rates from a currency API service.

Handle currency conversion of marketplace commision fees

For maketplaces, currency conversion extends to the commision fees between the vendor and the marketplace admin. SCD takes care of converting conversion fees to the vendor currency for the vendor , and to the marketplace currency for the marketplace owner. The vendor get his fees in is local currency. The marketplace owner get his fees in the marketplace base curency. 

Compatible with marketplace platforms: WC Vendors, Dokan WCFM, WCMP, YITH

SCD for marketplaces is compatible with many marketplace platforms: WC Vendors, Dokan WCFM, WCMP, YITH. Our team is constantly working to improve and extend our support, so expect this list to continue to grow

Guaranteed compatibility with latest version of each platform

Our team works to keep SCD compatible with the latest version of each platform we support. We are a registered partner with the various marketplaces we support, and guarantee to keep our product compatible  the latest version.

Please note that we cannot maintain compatibility with all previous versions, so we encourage all our customers to upgrade their platforms to the latest version. 

Support withdrawals in default currency

This is a limited feature which is currently under development.

Features of the Marketplaces Pro variant

Enhanced performance for large websites

Our Marketplace Pro variant include performance enhancements to support very large marketplaces.