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ALL-IN-ONE  Currency Switcher. Handles foreign currencies detection, conversion,  gateways integration, billing, widget and more.

Experience simply the world best, and cheapest plugin of its kind.

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WooCommerce ProductVendors


PayPal Plus

PayPal Express Checkout


All themes (for example SHOP2GO)


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On any days, we provide 12 hours turnaround time to reply every query, even in our busiest schedule. All you need to do is to reach us either via our support forum or


The Free version has only two modules and is available here

The premium version has additionally the  following modules and is available here

  • WCAuctionsPro  EXTENSION
  • WooCommerce Product Vendors  EXTENSION
  • PayUMoney EXTENSION 





  • Specify the number of usable currencies for your different roles
  • Set a specific products price for each given currency
  • Round up the converted price to your convenience
  • Automatic target currency detection, depending on end users Location
  • Manual target currency selection, done by end users in your Website
  • Customize foreign currencies names, Formats, symbols, signs, brands
  • Users to roles settings and restrictions
  • Approximate the products price
  • Enable the payment with several currencies
  • Allow to auto update exchange rate
  • Exchange rates are fetched from Yahoo Finance So they are always updated
  • Set time to update Exchange rates
  • Set the position for each currency
  • Format / rename your currencies
  • Set your preferred currency target (e.g. autodetect)
  • End users widget
  • Allow to add a decimal number
  • Set the number of decimal
  • Enable/disable price by currency
  • Appropriate for multi vendor sites (e.g. WC Vendors, Dokan)
  • Simplified the products creations UI for multiple currencies
  • Mobile friendly
  • Replace Original Price
  • Translations
  • Supports all modern browsers
  • Paypal gateway
  • PayUMoney gateway – (soon)



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Really proud to serve and enhance WordPress, WooCommerce, PayPal, PayUMoney, WC Auctions Pro, WooCommerce Product Vendors.

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