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How a currency conversion plugin can help you reach more customers internationally

With the plethora of online stores available out there, today’s customers expect a simple shopping experience and that includes shopping in their local currency, wherever they are. To make your store truly international and reach customers worldwide it is essential that you can offer customers a seamless shopping experience. A customer visits you web site from France? Your website should show him prices in Euro. Another customer visit your site from Great Britain? Get him hooked with prices shown in Pounds. Got a fan visiting your site from Morocco? He will be delighted that he can shop in its local Dirham.

Manually entering prices in each possible currency that your web site should support is a daunting and time consuming task. That’s too much to ask to a store owner that has million other things to do. The solution: A currency conversion plugin. A currency conversion plugin works like this: the plugin detects the location of the customer visiting your site, and converts the product prices to the local currency of the customer before the prices are displayed to the customer. All you have to do is enable the plugin on your website, and the plugin will convert all the product prices to the local currency of the customer visiting your store and display the prices to the customer in its local currency. Your customer from France will see prices in Euro; Your customer from Great Britain will see prices in Pounds; Your customer from Morocco will see prices in Dirham. Advanced currency conversion plugins like the Smart Currency Detection plugin can even allow your customers to pay in their local currency, thus avoiding credit cards conversion fees that often deter customers from shopping on online stores that do not support their local currency. With an advanced currency conversion plugin you can provide a seamless end to end shopping and checkout experience in the local currency of the customer. All that with minimal configuration and almost no effort on your part.

A currency conversion plugin typically fetches the currency conversion rates periodically from a reliable currency exchange provider. A good plugin will let you customize the conversion rates and other features to your preferences. You have a large pool of customers from a specific region of the world? You can override the conversion rate to use for that currency. You want to tack on an additional percentage to add on top of the conversion rates? With a good currency conversion plugin you can do that, and you can use this feature to increase your margin or to offset processing fees charged by your payment provider for instance. You have a product that is very popular in one region of the world and want to take advantage of it? You can use the plugin features to set a specific price of the product for that currency only. With all the multiple options available to you to customize the plugin behavior and take advantage of all its features, an advanced currency conversion plugin can help you reach more customers and help your store truly become an international store.

So don’t wait. Get a currency conversion plugin and see what it can do for your store. The Smart Currency Detection plugin is an advanced plugin loaded with features and it offers a 14-day free trial. Give it a try.