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  • Welcome to Support Forums for other plugins

    Posted by GaJeLabs Support on September 14, 2022 at 9:51 PM

    This section of the forums is for dealing with all aspects related with WordPress plugins other than SCD. If you are NOT (…..), you are in the wrong place.

    To help you get your question answered as quickly as possible, please have a quick read of our welcome message here.

    The welcome message tells you what to put in your posts to help people here to help you. It also tells you what you should avoid doing, and how to keep track of your posts.

    So, please, have a read, then go ahead and start posting.

    A few notes:

    • – The extra sites are virtual. You will not see folders on the server for each site, just ones in uploads/sites/{site ID} for media uploads specific to each site.
    • – Please read the Codex page for setting up your network, especially the “Before you begin” section. Also, make sure your host supports running multiple sites. Some shared hosts do not.
    • – You really do need mod_rewrite working and reading your .htaccess file. It is used in both types of sites. A good test is if pretty permalinks work.
    • – Subdomain blogs/sites work on the premise of wildcard subdomains. These need to be enabled in both your DNS records and Apache. Please read the Codex page for setting up your network, especially the “Before you begin” section.
    • – For top-level domains for each site, use domain mapping. This is a native feature of WordPress 4.5+, but before 4.5, a plugin like WordPress MU Domain Mapping was used.
    • – For aggregating all posts from all sites to the main site, use the sitewide tags plugin.
    • – Each site is siloed content. This may or may not be what you want. It does work very similar to the blogs as, but it’s your own personal version. You will need more tech skills to enable it and to run it. It may not be for everyone.
    • – WordPress multisites have had several significant changes in structure over the years. When creating a support topic, do mention if your network was created before June 2010 (version 2.9.2 or below).

    Thanks & enjoy your stay, from the Support [email protected]

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