SCD Currency Selection Widget

SCD comes with an optional end users widget that you can include on your store pages to allow your customers to manually select the currency in which they want to view the product prices. The widget provides a drop-down list from which the end users can pick the currency.

Installing the SCD widget

The SCD widget can be placed anywhere on the web page. To install the SCD widget:

  • On your dashboard, go to Appearance > Widgets
  • Select the widget named “SCD Widget” and move it to the area where you want to place the widget

Alternatively, the SCD widget can be installed using shortcodes. The widget shortcode is [scd_widget]

A quick way to add the SCD widget using the shortcode is to add a Text widget (using the Widgets menu on the wordpress dashboard) and set the text to [scd_widget].

Your theme may provide other ways of embedding shortcode widgets onto your web page. Please refer to your theme documentation for additional possibilities

Setting the list of currencies available in the selection list

The list of currencies available in the SCD widget is determined by the admin setting “Filter currencies enabled for your store” located in the Currencies Settings tab of the SCD Admin settings menu:

  • When the setting is set to “All” : all possible currencies can be selected using the SCD widget
  • When the setting is set to a fixed list of currencies: only the currencies in the specified list can be selected using the SCD widget