SCD Questions and Answers

What is scd-smart-currency-detector ?

SCD is an ALL-IN-ONE solution for buyers, sellers, multi vendors, market places, WooCommerce shops. It allows buyers to view products price in the local currency.

What capabilities does SCD multi-vendors variant offers for marketplaces?

Among other things it allows each vendor to set its default currency and enter prices in its own default currency. You can find more details in our documentation page

How do I install SCD?

The  product is installed as others WordPress plugin. Woocommerce plugin is required.

Can I try SCD for free ?

To try it for free, just download the plugin here and install it. After that ask for free license key to

Is there a demo?

You can check out our demo site at:

Also, on this page at the sidebar, you will see the drop down of all currencies. select currency that you want and observe the result on the product prices.