Capabilities provided by SCD for marketplaces

The SCD multi-vendors variant integrates with marketplace plugins such as Dokan, WCFM and WC Vendors to provide additional capabilities for marketplace admin and vendors:

Marketplace Admin

The marketplace admin configures the SCD Admin settings (described in the SCD Admin Settings page).

For instance, the marketplace admin can use the SCD admin settings to:

  • Configure the list of available currencies
  • Set custom exchange rates for currency conversions
  • Enable or Disable location based currency selection for customers of the marketplace
  • etc…


With SCD each vendor can:

  • Specify his own default currency
  • Use his default currency for setting his product prices.

For instance:

  • Vendor A can set Euros (EUR) as his default currency and define his product prices in EUR,
  • Vendor B can set British Pounds (GBP) as his default currency and define all its products prices in GBP.


  • A customer visiting the marketplace will see all the products from all vendors in one single currency, determined based on the customer location and the SCD Admin settings.
  • SCD performs the conversions between the individual vendor currencies and the shopping currency of the customer.

Integration with marketplace plugins