SCD Admin Settings

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Accessing the SCD Admin Settings

The SCD admin settings can be accessed from the wordpress admin dashboard page: In the left pane menu of the dashboard go to WooCommerce then SCD currencies.

Accessing the SCD settings menu

General Settings Tab

SCD General Settings

Enable multiple currencies payment

This setting enables or disables the use of multiple currencies for checkout and payments.
When this setting is enabled: Checkout and payment will be made in the selected currency using the converted product prices, for supported payment gateways.
When this setting is disabled: SCD will convert the product prices displayed on the shop and product pages; however, all payments will be made in the base currency using the unconverted product prices.
Note: base currency refers to the shop currency set in the WooCommerce setting

Automatically update the exchange rate

This setting enables or disables automatic update of the exchange rate.
When this setting is enabled: SCD will update the currency exchange rates used for currency conversion at the rate specified in the setting “Update intervals”.
When this setting is disabled: SCD will not update the currency exchange rates.

Update intervals

This setting indicates the intervals for automatic updates of the currencies exchange rates. The interval can be specified in hours or days.

Customize currency options and exchange rates

This setting allows you to change the default options for a currency. It allows you to manually specify the exchange rate to use for a currency, the additional percentage to apply on top of the exchange rate, or the currency symbol to display for the currency.
When this setting is enabled: You can use the Manual Currency Options setting to specify custom options for the currencies of your choice.
When this setting is disabled: The default options will be used for all currencies

Manual currency options

Add each currency for which you want to manually specify the exchange rate, a percentage based price increase, or the display format. For currencies not included in the table, the normal exchange rate and default display format will be used

Click on image to see a description of the table fields

Delete settings when plugin is uninstalled

This setting indicates if the plugin data and plugin settings should be completely deleted when the plugin in uninstalled. The default value is to delete all data. If you want to be able to reinstall the plugin and recover all your settings, uncheck this setting.
When this setting is enabled: Uninstalling the plugin will delete all plugin data including all your custom settings.
When this setting is disabled: Plugin data and custom settings will not be deleted when the plugin is uninstalled.

Currency Settings Tab

Select currency based on user location

This setting enables the use of geolocation to determine the currency to use for a customer. If enabled, you can use the setting “Filter currencies enabled for your store“ to limit the set of currencies available for your store.
When this setting is enabled: The user currency used for display and payment will be determined based on the user location and the list of currencies enabled for the store. A customer located in the USA will see products prices in US dollars, whereas a customer located in France will see the product prices displayed in euros.
When this setting is disabled: The currency indicated in the setting “Default/Fallback store currency” will be used for all customers, regardless of their location.

Filter currencies enabled for your store

This setting allows you to restrict the set of currencies that are allowed for your store. SCD uses this information in addition to geolocation to determine the customer currency to use for display and for payment.
Example: If this setting is set to only two currencies, USD and EUR, then only these two currencies will be selected by SCD. Customers in USA will see prices in USD; customers located in the euro zone will see prices in EUR; all other customer will see prices in the default currency specified in the setting “Default/Fallback store currency
Notes: When this setting is set to “All”, all possible currencies are enabled. If your store uses the SCD widget, only the currencies allowed by this setting will be included in currency selection list of the SCD widget.

Default/Fallback store currency

This setting specifies the default currency to use for your store. This default currency will be selected for display if location based currency selection is not enabled (see setting “Select currency based on user location”) or if the currency corresponding to the user location is not in the list of enabled currencies for your store (see setting “Filter currencies enabled for your store”).
The default value of this setting is to use the “Base Currency”, which is the currency selected in the WooCommerce setting, as the default currency.

Enable decimal numbers display

This setting enables the use of decimal numbers in prices display. If enabled you can use the setting “Number of decimals” to indicate the number of decimals to display.
When this setting is enabled: Decimal numbers are used in the prices display, using the number of decimals specified in the setting “Number of decimals
When this setting is disabled: Prices are rounded up to the nearest integer before display.

Number of decimals

This setting determines the number of digits to display after the decimal point.

Multi roles based, webpages display currency

This setting enables features for the SCD multivendors variant. Users of the SCD multivendors variant should ensure to enable this setting.

License Tab

In this tab, you can:

  • Activate a new license
  • See your current license information
SCD License Tab

License Key

Displays your current activated license key

License Expiry Date

Indicates the expiry date of your current activated license

Help & Support Tab

The help and support tab contains links to various documentation and help topics.

Other admin capabilities

Set custom price per currency for a given product

SCD allows you set a custom price of a product for a given currency. For instance a product can be set to a price in US Dollars of 100 USD and a price in euros of 150 EUR. A customer shopping from the USA will see the product price as 100 USD; a customer from the euro zone will see the same product at 150 EUR.

When a custom price by currency is set for a product, SCD uses directly the custom price set by the vendor instead of converting the base currency price.

To set a custom price by currency for a product:

  1. In the wordpress dashboard, open the Edit Product page for the product to edit
  2. Locate the rectangle “SCD – Set Currency per Product” in the Edit Product page and click inside the textbox to select the currency for which you want to specify a custom price
  3. Enter the custom prices (regular price and sale price if applicable) in the two textboxes added by SCD below the tax information


Before downloading scd on this page, you must first download the free version of the plugin. This is a mandatory step. Indeed, scd in the different versions that exist only work with the free version installed beforehand on your site