Smart Currency Detector (SCD) Documentation

On this page you will find information on how to configure Smart Currency Detector (SCD) and take advantage of all the features offered by the plugin.

This information is also contained in the SCD User Manual, available in PDF format:

SCD Admin Settings

How to configure SCD from the wordpress admin dahsboard

SCD Currency Selection Widget

How to install and use our optional currency selection widget

SCD Integration with marketplace plugins (Dokan, WCFM, WC Vendors)

Find out how SCD integrates with various marketplaces plugins to offer additional capabilities for marketplaces admin and sellers.

Note: This is applicable only for the Smart Currency Detector multi-vendors variant product

SCD Tutorials Video Library

Collection of how-to videos

SCD Demo Site and SCD Simulation portal

  • SCD Demo Site: View some of the standard features of SCD in our demo store

With the SCD simulation portal you can see how your web site looks (in particular how prices are converted by SCD) when the site is accessed by a customer located in a different country. On the simulation portal, enter your website URL, then select the country for which you want to simulate.


Miscellaneous questions and answers